Data migration: Will installing Pro wipe out work done in Make?

I tried out SketchUp Make and made my first 3D models in it; I’ve since bought SketchUp Pro - but given that Make and Pro can’t be on the same system, I’m concerned that installing Pro will delete everything I’ve created in Make.

Is there a way to import the data from Make into Pro during the Pro install, in a way that isn’t horribly complex - or will drawing files from Make remain on the system and be accessible as normal via Pro?

Unless you saved the SketchUp models in a folder in Program Files that will get overwritten by the installation of SU Pro, you will not lose your previous work. Assuming you saved them in some usual place like the documents folder, there’ll be no problem at all.

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Not only will the installation not delete existing data files, I would expect that most long-time users have an accumulation of models on their hard disks made over time with several successive versions. As Dave says, you’d be smart to create a folder (or perhaps a tree of data folders) somewhere in your user data library, either “documents” or “pictures,” and stash your models there, where you can store and maintain them using some organizational logic more meaningful to you than SU version.


Excellent - thank you!

If I can sneak a side question in here: I’m also taking baby-steps in the formidable Bryce (version 6, if I remember right,) and am wondering if importing models from SketchUp to Bryce is straightforward or if anyone’s experienced difficulties in it. It’s far easier to create models in Sketchup but you can generate some good photorealistic natural landscapes in Bryce, so it would be a great combination if the two programs are compatible. I’m wondering the same about Terragen, which is much more user-friendly than Bryce and also allows creation of stunning landscapes with minimal program knowledge.

[Tangential example note: I made a space landscape in Terragen a few years ago - which I named “Blue Dwarf Moon” - that became the title pic for an online radio station I ran at the now-defunct - currently in exile as a simple playlist at 8Tracks, named “Amanogawa Express,” if you want to have a look.

I envision creating a space vehicle in SketchUp and sticking it in there - or into a similar space-scape created in Bryce - because it just needs one.]

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