Data from "Add location" differs from GE


I am pretty new to SketchUp and have recently started learning how to create models of buildings and upload them to GE. I currently work on a model that stands on some uneven ground, so I used the “Show terrain” function to fit the base of the building to the terrain. When I looked at the GE preview I saw that the terrain data in GE was completely different (in this case more detailed) and that the building did not align with the ground at all. Later, I noticed that even the satellite footage was not completely the same.

Is that normal? Is the data you get through the Add location option actually different from the data used by GE or is there some setting I need to change to make this work?

This is a bit of an issue for me since I have a number of models in similar terrain planned and it is difficult to work on them if I can’t rely on the terrain data provided.

I’m grateful for any advice anybody can provide.

The data in “Add location” originates like Google Earth Data from Google (or its data providers). However the database is different, and they are not always completely in sync. You may notice that Google Earth is in 3D whereas “Add location” has been build with one of the Google APIs for third party developers. Also, since about two years, Google Earth changed its terrain model from an elevation map to a 3d mesh which may show smaller details differently.

If it is a bigger discrepancy that appears suspect to you (height off by 20 meters or whatever), add a screenshot to this thread (or a simplified .skp file with the terrain only and maybe a rectangle for the building) so we can inspect what is going on. In rare cases, there’s just something messed up with the terrain attributes in the file, and clearing and re-adding the terrain fixes it.