Dark Mode, When?

And I need the light background. Probably because of my astigmatism as explained in the article @jean_lemire_1 linked to. I have nothing against SketchUp offering both, but there is really no reason why either should be considered the best for everyone.


Very true Anssi

Dark mode definitely relieves eye strain. Now I think SketchUp should also have a dark mode. I don’t know how long I will stick to the style of 10 years ago. I think light mode dark mode should be user selectable. If it wasn’t for SketchUp’s groundbreaking feature update, it should at least support Dark Mode. Working for a long time is really tiring on the eyes.


It depends on what they are working on. I don’t know if any interior designers that work without natural and artificial light. So for video focused work, yes, but for real life color selection and analysis, I’d have to disagree.

I’m a graphic designer primarily. Color accuracy is incredibly important. That’s why I prefer a dark mode and dim rooms. Natural light and displays aren’t the right mix, for obvious technical and physical reasons.

If you’re selecting color from physical swatches, for paint and textile and not using a digital display, like an interior designer would often do, of course natural light is ideal. But that isn’t really related to a dark mode UI in sketchup.


The only real colour accuracy is in the measured values. How colours are perceived is very much affected by the environment. When you design something in a dark environment it will look different when seen in a normally lit room or screen. So, perceptually, the most accurate way to work would be to use the same kind of environment as the finished product will be seen in. There is no absolute truth.

My father was an artist and his eye for colour was about as absolute as you can get. Most of his life work was done in three rooms. When you look at one of his paintings, you can immediately see by looking at the colours which studio it was painted in.


I agree. For digital displays dim helps. For art natural light is great. Context is everything and I employ both myself. Obviously dim light makes no sense for paint swatches, and obviously screen color and physical color are different to the point that different measures are taken for each medium. It just happens to be that for computer screens, the environment being dimmer helps with color accuracy. Just like pure white light helps for color accuracy in the physical analog space.

I would really appreciate mode as well. While I am wishing, I would also like horizontal tool tips to work on Mac… It’s the attention to little details that make a software great, not just the big features IMO, why can’t we have both?

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Old topic but just for kiks,
For the lovers of darkness out there…


Here’s mine. Although unofficial and some parts are still white

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how did you do that? looks slick!

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That is a Mac screen - you should correct your profile that says you are using Windows.

Win 11 would be my guess.


No @Anssi it’s Win11. I’m using BIB3 by niivu (third-party dark theme), and a bunch of other tweaks. Tedious work but I just couldn’t wait for Trimble to add a Dark mode feature, so I had to do it manually.

Thanks! Dark mode is the only way I can work with SketchUp lol

It’s a third-party dark theme, you can check out windows themes on deviantart. In my case, I’m using BIB3 by niivu. There you can also find guides on how to apply themes.

IMVHO- terrible schema, no contrast between icons and menus .

Just my 2 euro cents.

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@tengel07 As I’ve said, it’s unofficial. I posted this to emphasize the demand for the feature. Whether it would look slick or terrible, it’s not up to me.

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When you use those custom skin for Windows dark mode, what happens to other apps, let’s say Photoshop or 3dsMax or Substance which already have a dark background? Does it get darker? :sweat_smile: