DAE flle import Photoshop CS6 not working

Hi all,

Sparked by this enthousiastic Skill Builder video i tried to import some .dae-files into Photoshop CS6. However, I keep getting the same error-message:

The Photoshop 3D file format could not parse this file

I tried existing models from the warehouse (even the SU team’s rocking chair from the vid) as well as well as a very simple self-made test file, but to no avail. I varied with the .dae export settings, but this didn’t change anything.

Any thoughts anyone?


Well, solved it.

It appears that when exporting to .dae, you have to make sure that in the exporting-options the ‘Preserve component hierarchies’ is UNchecked - if not, the resulting .dae file cannot be parsed by Photoshop. The video does not mention this.

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Hello, manonschuitema.
I saw your article and found I have same problem with your case. I tried what you told about export option but still doesn’t work. Can you help me if there is anything I’m possibly missing?
I’m using iMac OS X Yosemite, photoshop cc. What I’m trying to do is download 3D data from 3D warehouse and export to photoshop. I tried direct download as dae file from the warehouse but it didn’t work.