Cylinder with diameter between two lines

Hi everyone!
I want to fill this shape by extruding the circle at the bottom, but the diameter should change accordingly to the vertical lines (I want it to stay perfectly between the lines).

I’ve alredy tried by creating small cylinder and re-sizing them but I’m not satisfied with the result.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a simple way with native tools… how many rings you copy depends on size of vase and how smooth it needs to appear.


That’s where I was going also. But I used lines and arcs over the .png and added guides to give me convenient snap points at the intersections. Doing it in x-ray helps also.


Since you are using a desktop version I would use Fredo’s Curviloft or Tig’s Extrusion tools.


thank you very much!

can you be more precise on how to use it? Thank you

Which ‘it’?

I did both, half and half.
Curviloft is now a paid plugin, but well worth it.
Extrusion tools is free but should be paid.
Curvi Extrude


thank you very much. You saved me hours :slight_smile:

Make sure you take note of the Edge weld, Extrusion Tools needs full runs of Curves to work. Curviloft doesn’t care.

I did, perfect result, thanks.