Cybersource Transaction fail

Trying to upgrade my subscription to Shop from the free trial version, go to cart and where (I assume) credit card info is entered, I get “Cybersource- You are not authorized to view this page. The transaction has (formatting cuts off “not”) been processed.”

Whaa… ? Anyone else seen this, and if so, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

What browser? Were are you located?

Things that might work:

Clearing caches.
Updating the browser.
Other browser (Chrome or Firefox)

Thanks, already been through Chrome and IE. Even after clearing cache in both IE and Chrome, I go to plans>Shop>Subscribe, and get “Your cart is empty”. Continue Shopping takes me back to Plans.

Btw, in Canada.

Here’s what I see in both browsers, in Storefront below Review Cart, in the Payment area below my Billing Address.

@ChrisDizon ?

No love? Ok… who/where would support this issue- Trimble or Sketchup? Email address or link?

This is a public forum which is mostly habitated with volunteers. There are some Trimble employees active, but they do not ‘need’ to be.
Since this is a genuine sales support question you are entitled for support.

Right now, it is weekend, but you can contact sales:

Thanks- will contact them.

This morning the credit card form appears, I was able to proceed and the transaction completed, so apparently my request was received. No response from anyone… however I guess all’s well that ends well.

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