Cutting tool issue

Hello everybody,

Since I have installed the new release of 2023 I have an issue with my cutting tool.

I click on the cutting tool icon and then I normally choose first the solid that cuts and then secondly I select the solid that will be cut. Normally, you can get going on cutting solids with the same solid cutting until you press the esc key (and go back to step one, cutting solid selection) or press the space key or choose and other tool to stop the cutting tool process.

With the new 2023 release I can’t make it work that way anymore. Now I can cut one solid then the procedure stops (I can’t choose another solid to cut) and I have to push the space key, then I have to click on the cutting icon and redo the procedure all over again.

Anybody has a solution to make it work as normal ?

I appreciate it.

David from Belgium

Hello, the behaviour has indeed changed from 2022 to 2023 version.
You can install eneroth Solid tools extension that will behave the same way it did. You’ll find it in the extension warehouse

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Thanks a lot

BoolTools2 is also an option…

Thank you. Booltool 2 is free?


“Free download but you must order a free trial or paid commercial license from the BoolTools website:
BoolTools 2 - mind.sight.studios - Better than SketchUp's Solid Tools

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Yes, this is a bug that has already been reported with several of the native Boolean tools.

Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it. Have a nice day.

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