Cutting a Shape into an Existing Group

I have the base to a wire spool that I am trying to cut a channel out of for a semi-rounded center post. I have made the center post and the base in Sketchup (albeit painstakingly), but have hit a wall trying to cut out the outline (as seen by the template) so the center post may sit in the base about 3/8". Does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this?


I started using Sketchup about two weeks ago, so I am still learning its inner workings. I have made a couple sketches already, but none with extensive circle work like this.

Why not share the Sketchup model itself, not just an image? If the file is not too big*, use the 8th button from the left, above where you post, to upload the .skp file to your post here.

What are the horizontal lines within the circle in the image?

What diameter and thickness is the base? What size are the short and long curved sides of the spindle?

Just looking at the image, you ought to be able to push-pull the profile of the spindle 3/8" into the base (one side at a time) to create the recess. You may need to adjust the size slightly to allow clearance for the spindle to be a push fit, or even a drive fit, into the base.

Without that adjustment, something like this? I’ve guessed the sizes - wheel radius 5", spindle sides 1 1/4" and 1 1/2", each a rectangle 1/8" thick plus an arc with 1/8" bulge.

Wire reel.skp (59.8 KB)

*Used to be 3Mb, may be larger now? If you get a message that the file is too big when you try this method, upload it to Dropbox, OneDrive, or a similar file sharing service and post a link to it instead of the file itself.

Thank you for taking the time to make one up yourself, John! It’s pretty close to what I’m looking for.

I didn’t even think to upload the file. That’s almost exactly what I’m looking for (minus dimensions, of course) except that the base is two layers of boards. Looking at the way you made your cutout, I think I made it a little complicated than it needs to be.48_ Top Table.skp (239.7 KB)

Perhaps you could simplify the profile, extrude that through the table then intersect or use solid tools to remove the waste?


The process is relatively straightforward though, as you noted, it is a bit more complicated due to the way your model is structured. As a first step, I’d simplify the profile by opening that component for edit and exploding the four sections so that they are just edges and faces in that component instead of nested sub-components. You will have to do that eventually, and doing it now just means one less time to do it later. Then cut the profile component to the cliipboard.

Now open the disk component and then one of the boards within it for edit. Do Edit->Paste In Place to put the profile into that board component and explode the profile. Now you can pushpull the profile to depth and finally erase the extra. Repeat these steps for the other board.

Note that given the symmetry of the boards in the disk you could have used one component for each distinct board in half of the disk and flipped them to make the other half. Then pushpulling the profile into one of the center boards would simultaneously edit the other (flipped) instance.