Cutlist extension component names reporting

OK. Thanks for the explanation. This Cutlist extension only reports the component definition name. As @slbaumgartner wrote, since the author of this extension is no longer able to work on it, development of it is effectively ended.

You could use SketchUp’s report generator to create a list that includes descriptions, though.

Thanks, but I am facing issues, with the default reporter in sketchup, as the reporting goes awary as reporting in csv format in single line instead of row wise reporting, when I change the header position

Are you opening the CSV file in a spreadsheet application like Excel? If you are, you can change the order of the columns as needed.

Yes, I am opening in excel. Ok. But, when I am trying to set template for reporting, it goes disarray. Is it a bug, or something I am missing

Unfortunately you aren’t giving us enough information to help you out.

Will post you screenshot in the morning… pls bear until then…

You can try another “cut list” extension
OpenCutList is able to report component name along with the description. Complete, and frequently updated it is a good one

Attached herewith the two screenshots with the reporting, the entity name first time it was like multiple columns, but in the second screenshot it was single with separation of commas for each column.


Thank you, will check it out,

Obviously if you are using a CSV file, you can’t put commas in places where you don’t want column separations.

Sorry!, i am not able to get your point