Cutlist excludes any component with "Plate" in name

When using the cutlist extension, I just discovered that any component containing “plate” in its name gets dropped when the cutting list is generated. Is this a known problem, or am I possibly creating the problem with one of my settings? As soon as I change the name of the component to something else, as long as it doesn’t contain the letters “plate” in it, it comes right in.

Which cut list are you referring to? Is it CutList 4.1? Is it possible you have the word plate included in the Sheet or Part words sections?

Here I don’t have the word plate included in sheet or part words.

And the top plate is included in the top section of the cutlist.
Screenshot - 5_31_2020 , 1_50_01 PM

I’m using 4.1.12 on a mac. Plate is not included in either parts or sheet materials.

How about showing a screen shot of the UI for Cutlist?

And share the .skp file.

Attached is a screenshot of the cutlist settings, as well as an skp file with only 3 entities. (Please let me know if these files uploaded correctly. From what I see on this end, I’m not sure it worked.)
When I run it as set up, it only produces 2 items in the cutlist. When I change the entity named “plate” to something else, it shows up.

CutListTest.skp (22.9 KB)

It’s ending up in the Parts section because of the LA in your part words section. The extension is looking for combinations of letters. If you remove LA from the Part Words section it’ll show up in with the lumber.

FWIW, you could remove ‘plywood’ from the Sheet Material Words and any component with the word ‘plywood’ in the definition name or material name will show up in the Sheet Materials section because it contains ‘ply’.

WOW! It’s always something simple - or at least obvious - once it’s pointed out!! I’m not really even sure what “LA” was ever used for.
Thanks for the help. This was making me a little nuts!

As long as it was just a little, there’s no harm in that. :crazy_face:

Happy it was a simple fix.