Cut List 4.1 not working

So, on my desktop SU, I have this very simple model containing two components. Why o why will Cut List not produce a report. Prey tell please. SU file and 2 screen shots of Cut List are attached. Thank you in advance.

Cut-List-Test.skp (23.4 KB)

It’s working just fine and doing what you are telling it to do. Since you’ve added 9506 as a part word, it’s putting those components into the Parts section of the cutlist not into the lumber section.

If you click on the question mark to the right of the Part Words field you would see what those are for.

If you remove 9506 from the Part Words field, the components will end up in the Components (lumber) section.

Here, no 9506 in Part Words

And the components show up in the right area.

You should watch the video in the link Ian T provided you.

Forgive me, but which link, you’re the only respondent on this thread?

In your other thread.

Or a brain scientist!


So did your question get answered?