Cut hole in a surface with component

I´m looking for an easy way to cut out a hole in a surface exactly by the outside of an component. Here is the project,örlanda%20kile.skp?dl=0 , and i am doing this type of project a lot.

If you look in the project you can se that i have a big existing ground witch is from a drone an then i have a component for some new ground around a new house. I want an easy way to melt this 2 together, and of course, the new ground shuld replace the existing ground. :slight_smile:

Ive tried a lot of different things but i cant find any easy way, so can anyone help me?

It is never easy working with 3d scans / photomatches for their complex yet “blurry” geometries.

But there’s an easy way to do what you want, have you tried using the stamp tool ? (among sandbox tool)

In order to use it, first smooth the existing ground, paste in place the new ground inside existing ground’s group (without the house) and then use stamp tool. Sketchup will freeze a bit but after a few secs you will be able to adjust the height of your new ground and the two of them will be melted together with an offset you first will have to define.

I did it on my side, with 0 as offset, it gave me this and took me 2 minutes, but again, it is kind of dirty (especially the trees) because of the 3D scan.


Thanx for your answer!! Its very funny, i never thought of the stamp tool,
instead i been looking for a extension. I din´t see the forrest because of
the trees. :wink:

Btw, i tried to do the same thing with this project ( )but
o dont get it to work, can you?

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