Cut a triangle shape from a corner


So I would like to make a “triforce” wood joint. I draw everything, now I just need to cut the corner, but I don’t know how. I tried to make a square, intersect with model and delete the unneeded parts, but I that didn’t work how I wanted to.

First picture is where I’m at, the link is what I want it to be. (Not exactly similar, as you can see I have rectangles in it)

Any ideas?

Have you used components or groups for the various pieces of the joint? If not, you will need to do so, and it may require some careful selection to get the appropriate edges and faces without also getting others. I started over, assuming 1x2 aspect ratio on all three main parts. Created one and then positioned the others by move copy and rotate copy.

Your profile says you are using Make 2017, which means you don’t have solid tools available. So, you will need to use right-click Intersect Faces with…

First create a face sloped in the correct orientation and aligned with the corners of the joint. It can be a triangle joining the appropriate points. Cut this face to the clipboard, open a component for edit, and do Edit->Paste in Place. Then select the face and the portion of the end of the component it will cut and run Intersect Faces with…selection. Finish by erasing the stuff beyond the cutoff. If you used the same component for the three long members, all three should now be cut. You can open the little cube at the corner for edit and repeat the process to cut it.

Pay attention to reversed faces, and fix them where they occur.

I did use components, yes. I tried to do something similar to what you suggested, but I didn’t actually know what I was doing, just messed with my options. :smiley:

But now I was able to do it. Thank you for your help!

Glad it worked out!

Now I’m trying to do the same thing, but the 3 parts are different, so they I have 3 different components.
I can’t make it to work, not even if I make them all three a group or a component.

Do you mean that the three parts have different lengths? If so, you could start them using the same component to get the cuts then make them unique, open for edit, and then move the far end to where it needs to be.

If you mean the parts have different cross sections, I’d need to see an example to understand how the joint is to be made in that case.

Similar joint, but the parts are different (different lengths, one has dowels at the end, one has this joint on both ends), so there are 3 different components. Making the cut in in the beginning and changing the sizes, ends afterwards might work, but I’m sure there’s another way. (I don’t want to lose my progress. :slight_smile: )

(Don’t mind the missing cube)

You can proceed as before, but just open each of the distinct components one by one, do the paste in place, intersect, and cleanup. Then close that one and move on to the next. Note that the two front legs and the two sides are mirror images of each other. You can make one, copy it to the other side, and then flip it along the red axis to get its mirror image. That would be faster and less risky than doing the edit multiple times when the result will be the same. For the front rail, you could do one end, copy the result to the opposite end (with the component still open), flip it, and then adjust its placement as needed.

Edit: you may need to make component axes visible to avoid confusion when you flip them. Especially if you have rotated copies, the direction of the axes may no longer match the model’s axes.

Can you share your .skp file?