Cut a complex solid group with a complex set of planes

I have a complex solid group that I am going to 3D print. Unfortunately, I can’t print this because the printer’s max size is smaller than the model needs to be. My plan is to cut it in a way that the pieces lock together tightly. This is a high-quality Makerbot, so the pieces should fit together fine. I have made a group of pyramids so that when I cut the solid with it, one piece will go out and one will go in, thus they will fit together. The problem is, I cannot figure out how to get this group to cut. I need it to stay as a solid. I tried the Intersect tool, but the intersections don’t show up where they should; likely because of the complexity of the pieces. Ideally, I would end up with two solid groups that fit together. How can I do that? Is there a plugin that might help?

Try to scale your model up before the intersection. You can make solids fron the pyramid structure and use the solid tools for boolean operations (PRO only). Otherwise you can use the normal intersection and do some manually cleanup afterwards …

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