Customizing the on screen display of Sketchup tool bars and scene tabs

Hi everyone!

I am starting to struggle to see my active scene tab - is there a way I can customize the toolbars. My eyes are starting to struggle and more contrast would be great!!

thanks in advance!

I think the answer to your question is no. But you can use the scenes dialog box instead of tabs which may make it easier to see what you want.

What about using a Windows contrast theme?

Once set up the theme can be toggled on/off with left Alt + left Shift + Print Screen.

Here’s my default theme…

Screenshot 2022-06-21 084512

and here’s the contrast theme…

Screenshot 2022-06-21 084440

There are four contrast themes available and they can be editied.

Hello Paul!

Thanks for the feedback, I will give it a shot!

kind regards,

Hello Simon!

I appreciate the feedback! My eyes are becoming worse at this stage may be even a set of glasses have to be considered!

kind regards,