Customer Service

I’m am convinced where a company tries to hide their support numbers from their website, they do not care for their customers. Their idea of customer service is upside down. I can call Microsoft, but not Trimble? If I were evaluating a vendor to best service my software requirements, I would never choose someone that I cannot call. Where they hide behind paid- for-support plans only shows their costs to provide such service is escalated because of the many bugs in program coding.

I’m choosing another software application. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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Pro E has phone support…


I wonder if Catia has, or SolidWorks…
At least here i Finland Archicad has phone support. The application costs only 6000€+960€/year for maintenance, + 24% VAT

Pro E subscription…

Tier Name Price
1 Creo Design Essentials $2,430-$2,980
2 Creo Design Advanced $5,967-$7,340
3 Creo Design Advanced Plus $11,300
4 Creo Design Premium $15,990
5 Creo Design Premium Plus $22,100


Thanks, I check them out.

It appears Autodesk has gone completely invisible as well except if you fit into their pre-configured web form submission. We are humans, not angels. I will immediately abandon any company who takes this approach with customer service.