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I build early stringed instruments and I’m drawing up an Italian keyboard instrument (harpsichord) from 1693. Back in the day in Florence, they used a basic unit of measurement called a “soldo” that converts to 27.56 mm by today’s metric standard. I would like to figure out a way to define a soldo so I can then use several soldi to lay out the entire instrument, using the soldo as my basic unit of measurement, which would then show up when I turn on dimensioning.

Of course, I could always use metric and label according to the Florentine soldi, but where’s the fun in that?

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SketchUp doesn’t support adding custom units :frowning: . However you could use could use a component workaround. You could model everything in e.g. cm as if that was soldo, make it a component and have a second instance of that component that is scaled by a factor of 2,756. This way you’d be able to get all the real world measurements from the second component and draw easily using correct numbers in the first.


Yes, @DrDarin is on to something here.

I’d also like to see custom units of measure become available.

I’ve been wanting to model Harvard Bridge for a while now, but until I can properly model it per unit of Smoots, then I’m afraid that my accuracy will be all wrong.


maybe if you create a Dynamic Component Ruler for a braccio you could use it instead of the dims labels…

1 braccio = 2 palmi = 20 soldi = 12 crazie = 60 quattrini = 240 denarii
1 palmo = 6 crazie = 10 soldi = 30 quattrini = 120 denarii
1 soldo = 3 quattrini = 12 denarii
1 crazia = 1.66 soldi = 5 quattrini = 20 denarii
1 quattrino = 4 denarii
1 denario = 2.3 mm [rounded up]



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