Custom toolbars/tool sets?

I’m just learning how to use SU for iPad and it’s amazing! Aaron’s videos are very helpful too.
A question: Is there a way to make a custom set of tools that’s always visible so I don’t have to click on the … each time. Or, is there a way to designate a tool that always stays visible? I’d love to be able to keep the “Select” tool always visible. My main need is to be able to deselect something. I know that with some tools I can double tap my Apple Pencil, but other times all I know how to do is choose the Select tool and tap on the workspace.
OK, sorry about the verbiage. Two questions:

  1. Can I designate the Select tool to always be showing?
  2. Is there a way to deselect something other than using Select and tapping on a blank space?


If you touch the three dots at the bottom of the tools, there should be an Edit button below the main set of tools. You can drag the tools to where you want them to appear.

If you don’t have one already, it would be worth getting an iPad keyboard. That would let you press the spacebar to get the Select tool at any time, and you can press cmd-shift-a to deselect all objects, without needing to choose the Select tool.

@MikeTadros Could the select contextual menu have a Select None option?

Thank you Colin!

It could… but for now, the tool mode toolbars for both the Select tool and Lasso tool already offer a shortcut to Select None.

@Fred_ in response to your original, #1 question about customizing the toolbar: Yes! If you long-press any of the tools in the main toolbar or any of the tools that appear in the overflow tool palette, you can then drag them around to rearrange them within the toolbar/tool palette or drag them from the palette to the toolbar or vice versa.
In your case, you can long-press and drag the Select tool from the overflow palette to the toolbar and/or drag the Lasso tool from the toolbar to the palette.

Thanks, I did think it had been added somewhere, but I looked in the wrong place.