Custom component option browser

I have to make my own Component Option Browser and therefore I have a question: When Web Dialogue is running and I change my selection (DC) I should:

  1. close the Web dialogue and create a new one with a new html (new values of the parameters of DC).
  2. Or, do not close the Web dialogue and to swap only the content (html). Delete the old and the new substitute.

Is the second option is possible ?.
What will work faster and more efficiently?

I will note only that DC are very different because the html through which I view their performance is also significantly different.

Yes. Just use the set_file(), set_html() or set_url() methods on an open webdialog.

Option 2 Usually. But the users will see the unload and load of the new webpage. Sometimes this is not desirable. You can hide the webdialog whilst loading a new page however, then show it again.

NOTE: The close() method does not destroy the dialog window object. It still exists and can be shown again.