Custom attributes: How many more years of waiting

I want custom attributes in the model entity info window in sketchup. This would allow me to create custom attributes that are than set for the whole model, where when I click on a group or component I can fill out my created custom attributes quickly and easily immediately upon clicking on any group or component.

Seriously though. This is so basic. Why have so many years gone by and this still doens’t exist. It’s the most basic way to label objects so that we can actually pull up useful reports quickly and easily.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I feel like people have been talking about this for years. Is it really that hard to impliment this?

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Well it kind of exists, but not in the entity panel. Since version 6, you can add custom attributes in Dynamic Components, and there was the introduction of the advanced attributes in version 2018 (I believe)that actually are visible in the entity panel. Before that, since version 4, you can add dictionaries to objects.
And you can add custom property sets since version 2015 with classifications (both visible in the entity panel and Dynamic Options panel)
Components in the 3D Warehouse now have the option to have custom attributes as well (for verified manufacturer accounts, but you can’t see them once inserted in the model)

Maybe there are too much way’s.

But there is no standardization, like in Revit.
And the export/import is not complete.

Maybe, the development of configurable live components will introduce some sort of standardization, but for now, it has it’s own panel.

Did you check the current 3D Viewer Trimble Connect?
You can add custom attributes there, as well…

Thanks for your reply!

I was aware of the dynamic component attribute options, however the attributes do not appear unless I make the attributes manually for every single component and group in my model, there are no workarounds that make any sense either, especially if considering copying a bunch of objects and than going inside of them to change them around just so I can use them as saved custom attributes to then update… Therefore adding custom attributes to dynamic components in my mind is a huge waste of time, I’m talking about adding custom attributes to a group or component where I only have to setup my attributes once and every component or group in the model will have them setup and ready to type in information into the attributes upon the moment I click on them and am ready to set their attributes. That’s not possible, is it?

I don’t follow you with what you’re saying about custom property sets?

I don’t see how trimble connect is useful for me personally at all because I don’t work in trimble connect, for probably a hundred reasons, it’s nowhere near the power and flexibility that sketchup the program has. I want to simply label my objects in my sketchup model with preset attributes where I just fill in the info. That’s why I posted this, it’s not currently possible as far as I’m aware and it’s honestly a huge BLEEP, lol. bleep bleep bleep!!!.. I really hope we can start seeing more action with updates between the two programs soon both sketchup and layout. This feature is taking forever.