[Curviloft] How do I adjust the distance between vertexs uniformly?

Here’s the story.

  1. I wanted to draw a parabolic surfaceand attach the corresponding truss.
  2. I made a grid, and somehow bent it to form a parabolic surface.
  3. I made a truss and attached it with [Flowify], but the shape crushed.
  4. When I clicked on the parabolic surface several times, I found that the hidden lines were arranged irregularly.
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Or if you have a better approach, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments.

The spacing of the hidden lines is governed (largely or entirely) by the segmentation of the original edges from which Curviloft formed the surface (highlighted blue in your image).

Looks as if you are using the Curviloft option to Skin Contours - is that right?

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For your information, the goal is to collect pieces like that and form them.

Are the edges circular arcs? If so, be careful you many segments you give them.

If they aren’t - for example, if you create them with the Freehand tool, or are drawing parabolas, you need to make the segments of as even length as you can manage.

Yes, it is. I drew it with arc and simplified it with the extension. And that was problem I guess.
Thanks. It helped a lot.
Is there a more efficient approach to the goals indicated in the comments below?

Thanks. It helped me a lot.

Im using 2 Point Arc tool in basic SU.
As your advice, I lowered the segments.
And Im still wondering if theres better approach.
Thanks for the information. This helps me a lot.

You can create even arcs with less geometry then use another plugin to subdivide the geometry like subD or artisan, I use this method with SubD, quadface tools and vertex tools to create organic geometry, you must have quads to be able to subdivide it in a proper way though.