Curves in straight segments

I’m just curious why SketchUp makes the curves and circles on small straight segments and not with clean curves like other programs. Is there a reason for that?

I think it is because SU is a surface modeller, with “surface” in this case meaning a flat one. One of the drawbacks of using SU is that there are no true circles, arcs, curved surfaces, etc. It’'s probably one of the things that keeps it mean and clean from a software development POV.

I think there is. This way the program “only” has to keep track of edges and faces when loops are formed, (and guides).
If two edges intersect you just have two more edges.
Imagine a program where you have to keep track of true curves and their intersections with other true curves or even with just edges. Much more to keep track of when you still want the user to be able to edit geometry. Especially in the true virtual environment with constant available inferencing to all geometry while orbiting etc. To me that is the real strength of SketchUp. And its accuracy if you manage to deal with the downside of lacking true circles and arcs.
On the other hand, a few true guide circles and true guide arcs wouldn’t hurt

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Thank you now I understand