Curved stairs

I am currently using the trial of pro 2019 and would like to know if the full version subscribed version will give detailed cut lists for a set of curved stairs I am designing / building including the rise & run cutouts on the stringers

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StairMaker does curved stairs including cut stringers and housed stringers

Thanks. Is stairmaker a free extension for sketchup. I’m new to this program so please bear with me

I found it in the extension wharehouse for $50 CDN. But it says it is compatable with pro version 2017 (the latest one) and I’m using 2019. Anybody know if it will work with 2019?


Yes it will work with SU 2019

Also there is a 7 day free trial.

The 3D Warehouse has curved stairs.

There’re many more options too.

Also, you can generate a report with the pro version.

It’s good that you are designing your own. Probably no need for stairs from the 3D Warehouse.

As for getting detailed cut lists, there are extensions that can do it but the accuracy and usefulness of the cut list depends upon how you create the model of your stairs. You can find a variety of cut list extensions in the Extension Warehouse. The one I use is called, simply ‘Cutlist’.

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awesome, thank you all
I/m mostly concerned about the tread and riser layouts on the curved stringers that will be multiple laminations of plywood
I used a program one time that actually showed the stringers layed out flat with the markings on them.

There are ways to reverse engineer the curved stringers to show them laid out flat. I’ve not used gkernan’s Stair Make but it might simplify that process.

My staircase plugin creates Treads, Risers and Stringers to the same accuracy as I had when I built from scratch around 200 curved stairs.

The accuracy is good to 1000 of a millimeter.

There are flattening plugins and then you can then adjust the run for the stringer if you wish (no nurbs).
Just take the mathematical exact calculation for over all run on the inside of the curved stringer and then check the flattened run. Scale accordingly.


Here is a stair I build with mitered riser boards, solid oak treads and mitered nosings. The key bits are the outside stringer has a consistent slope as does the inside stringer. The progressive flared treads meant that the run at the walk line is also consistent.

More importantly - it doesn’t look to shabby.


Very nice actually

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If you want to do curved stairs then you are talking to the right person, Garry Kernan. I know stairs, and I know a little bit about curved stairs but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone who knows as much about curved stairs as Garry.

If you want to model a set of custom curved stairs with any accuracy then you are going to want to use his plugin. I wouldn’t even attempt such a thing manually.