Cursor goes alone in the right top of my screen



Hi all,
Since i buy my new laptop i have this problem.
When i select a surface, it draw lot of blue dots and if this selected surface in blue take more than about 60% to 100% of the view my cursos disapear from the center of the view.
And appear on the top right of the screen, just above the close cross to close the program …
I use SU 2015 and SU 8.
My computer run with windows 8.1, my graphic card is nvidia GT735M (intel desactivated for sketchup).
My computer is a Sony Vaio Fit 15, with touchscreen.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Update Graphics driver to latest from Nvidia.

Change search parameters, and click green search button:

Also Update touchscreen driver to latest.

Reboot, and see if new drivers helps.


Thank you for your reply, i had already updated the graphic driver …
now, I m looking for the touch screen driver.


Try disabling fast feedback in SU at Window > Preferences > OpenGL.


Already tryed, don t works …


Try disabling the touch screen, (and touchpad if you have one,) so only the mouse is the active pointing device.


Still have the same problem …
The bug appear in SU7, SU8, SU2015 …