Cursor flickering in layout

Not sure what I did but when I open up one of my recent files in layout, the cursor
flickers and when I go to click on the various different pages of the file, they are very
slow to change over. I am thinking its a problem with my document references but
when I get into the reference window and try to update a link or purge it, it won’t
do it.

You are likely correct that there is an issue with one (or more) of your SketchUp file references. Currently when a file reference fails to load for any reason, LayOut has an issue where it tries continually to render the model. The workaround for this right now is to find the offending SketchUp model viewport and delete it from your LayOut document. This will not be easy due to the constant interruption of the attempted rendering, and you will have to perform a window selection to select the viewport for deletion.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Can the autorender functionality be switched off in a .json file?

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the response! I have had this issue in the past and several times. I think

I am just going to have to re-do the layout file. Part of my other problem is that I had to replace

my computer the beginning of the year and I am sure that didn’t help matters any.

Again thank you so much!