Curious… adjusting roof height, and organizing tags

  1. Are there any tricks for adjusting the height/ vertical scale of
    Watersmeet barn V3.skp (3.5 MB) this roof and maintaining ratios? If it is simply a “draw it again, only right this time’ affair I can come to terms with that. (the gambrel, not the gable)

  2. The tags menu… there appears to be an a-z toggle and a visibility toggle for list organization… is there another way? Intuitively tried a long press and drag to reorder with no avail.

As per my last few posts, I am interested in learning more than my ego. Feel free to point out anything you see that you feel should be pointed out. I have been going through posts and each time someone asks for advice like this and provides an skp file I download it and try to solve the ‘issue’ at hand with whatever fixes have been suggested. Very very very helpful you all have been. Learning SO much. :slight_smile:

Have you tried the scale tool? This video might help.
Scale Tool - Square One - Bing video

Oh dear Lord. What the _____ is wrong with me. Thank you. I was too tired apparently.

Keep in mind that if you scale only the height of the roof you will change the slopes of both parts of the roof as well as the thickness of the roof. This is an exaggeration to show that.
Screenshot - 6_28_2022 , 7_54_52 AM

It might be that the change you are making isn’t very dramatic and won’t be a problem but it’s something to at least consider.

That’s good to know. In this case the hypothetical client wants to know how the different slopes change the overall aesthetics of the building, so it works well, especially considering that this would be an initial design thought and not an architectural drawing.

I could use this method to get the right look, and then re-draft with the new degrees. I dunno if that’s efficient, but it’s my current work process for a lack of a better method/ more experience in visual ratio maths.

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