ctrl-S not working in all contexts



Saving via keyboard shortcut does not work eg. when i update a scene via the scenes-tray.

I switch between LO/SU, update a scene, want to save, and only get a sound telling me the operation was not successful…
I first have to click in the modeling area, before i can ctrl-S …


I confirm that the “save” shortcut Ctrl+S does not work when floating trays are the active window instead of the main model window.

Other things also do not work when tray is active. ie. page up and down keys for cycling through scenes.

This cannot be a bug however. Because you often do typings on trays, changing scene names (keystrokes which would normally trigger other single key shortcuts), copy (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V), and etc…

Therefore you must do that ^


hmm, i don’t see why tray’s couldn’t forward commands to the main window, if they don’t make sense for them…


I wonder if it is an OpenGL “feature” as other OpenGL-based applications I use tend to work the same, so that only the active document window can trigger a save.