CTRL+ALT+B Bridge All Intersections

I’d like a keybinding to bridge all intersections on a fixed plane or face. When this button is pressed, all linear intersections on the face would become bridged by a line.

I’ve got no clue what you mean by this. Can you illustrate with a drawing or SketchUp model?

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“I think” @ehuber means to request a feature to have Ctrl+Alt+B as a shortcut for Intersect faces, with Selection. or with Model

Though, I think it is quite a long shot, considering you can just assign the shortcuts yourself.

I’m not convinced that any variation of “Intersect Faces” is what @ehuber wants. But I do agree that, whatever he wants, he’s likely to not get it because of what you cite: that each user can define their own shortcuts!

If he’s asking for a new feature, he needs to define it much more precisely. And if, indeed, there is enough demand for it, it might appear as a new feature, at which time he can assign the CTRL+ALT+B shortcut to it.

Please start again from the beginning and describe more clearly the operation you want the shortcut to do. In particular, is this something you currently do with SketchUp, just without a shortcut? If so please list the sequence of steps and tools involved. If it is something you currently cannot do (or don’t know how to do), please try to explain better the problem and the result you want. Like the others, I don’t follow the terminology you have used.


I’m guessing but I think the original post may be asking for something like a small semicircle on one line in a wiring diagram where it crosses another, to indicate that the wires don’t connect. Probably SU is the wrong program to use, IF that is what was meant. It’s a 2d concept.

I love how we are all playing guessing game of what OP meant. :grin: