Crossgrading to SketchUp Pro

I’ve enjoyed learning how to use SketchUp, largely to the credit of Aaron whose videos have been immensely helpful. But more and more I’m becoming aware of the things he is doing that I can’t do in the web version of SketchUp. It’s not that I’ve wasted my money on SketchUp Web because I’ve learned a lot by using it. But the frustration level of not being able to do the things Aaron is demonstrating is rising daily. I’m wondering if there is a crossgrade path to Pro. I’ve tried to get in touch with SketchUp Sales but have had no response to date.


Thank you!

I believe you can do that, and if you don’t get a response from Sales, @colin may be able to help.

The way it works is that you go into your account settings page:

and edit the plan settings for SketchUp Shop. In there you can upgrade to Pro.

When you do, you don’t start a new 12 months, you convert the remainder of your existing 12 months to be Pro instead of Shop. You are charged a pro-rated amount. I think you started Shop on November 19th, if you were to upgrade to Pro on March 19th (to make the figures easier), you would pay 8 months of difference in the price between Shop and Pro. Roughly about $120 for you to convert the remaining 8 months to be Pro.

Thank you Colin. I appreciate the information.

What about database compatibility? Can a model created in the web version be opened in Pro?

Yes it can.

To add to what Anssi said, you have a choice of opening the model straight from a Trimble Connect window inside of the desktop application, or you could go into each model in the web version, and click on the three lines menu, then Download, to download an SKP file to use in the desktop version.

“Your subcription to SketchUp Shop, Annual Plan has successfully been changed to SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan.
You should have access to any new product features immediately. However, you may need to reload SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan for the changes to take effect.”

Thanks Colin. Done! We won’t penalize them for the spelling error!

I will point out the typo!

Thanks for the update.

Haha! I once paid $3500 for a trade show graphic, had 4 people in the office check it, and no one noticed that the word MANUFACTURING was misspelled.

It can happen to anyone!


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