Creating trees on landscape

Good afternoon,
When creating trees in 2D how can I put snow on the branches to appear like winter trees? Is the materials in the default trey the only source for the snow? thanks

You are making 2D trees? Can you at least show a screenshot of what you are woking with, better yet include the .skp file, it’s a little hard to visualize. One method is to make a tree component that has two images contained in it each placed in exactly the same spot, overlapping, one with snow and one without. Assign a tag to each of the two images in the component, like “snow” and “without”. Then populate your file with that component. By changing the visibility state of the tags you can change all trees in the file from snow to no snow at once.

thanks, the samples of trees are perfect ! I’ll upload a couple files with the trees I’m working with and ones with a similar style I’m developing. Some are from Placemaker which are very generic and not too realistic and other trees are downloaded from Sketchup textures club. Thats one option to use other samples, and the second option would be to develop my own trees from sketchup, then use “2D export” under file menu to photograph it, this way it also reduces polygons and less drag on the computer. There is one style of tree, which is a tall tree that I assembled, and will need to put snow on too.
bench assy WINTER TREES.skp (8.7 MB)

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Here is a quick example of how you can set it up:

It’s no tree.skp (6.6 MB)

Where can I find the source for snow? I tried to install white from the materials default trey, but I had trouble, expecially when in 2D. I know photoshop will do this, but I haven’t started yet, and just need to develop the trees the best I can and use photoshop later for more detail. How do you get the wavy outline and shaded tones within each patch of white? The samples do show the kind of white tones and wavy outline that should work. And is the snow installed on the tree in the 3D step or on the 2D step? thanks

Those are two trees from one of the above images I originally posted. First I cut out each tree in an image editor then converted each to a .png with a transparent background. Then I imported each one to SketchUp where I laid them on top of one an other as simple 2D images. I then assigned a tag to each image, and finally made a new component containing both of them which I made to face the camera automatically. I got the tree images from a Google search and converted to .png in a separate program before importing into SketchUp.