Creating Static Drawings

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I have a weird question…

I have a set of construction drawings currently at 1/8"=1’-0". I need to enlarge the building sections to 1/4" for my engineer, but don’t want to do all the line and shading work over, or re-edit all the text.

Is there a way to just double the size of an image within Layout, including text and linework and shading, without rescaling the image in the viewport, and keep the sheet size the same?

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Not really. I suppose you could explode the viewport and scale the linework. Text size won’t scale, though. You’ll need to select the text and change the font size. You’ll likely need to move the text. If you’ve got dimensions, you’ll want to explode them before scaling so the numbers don’t change.

Why don’t you just produce the sections at the new scale but leave all the related info like text and dims on the smaller scale drawing? Your engineer would have to look at two drawings at once but that’s not too hard.

Kind of what I figured, was hoping for an easy fix, thanks for the help.


Thanks, Simon, that’s exactly what I did. Still wish there was a relative scale feature tho, as I would like to change drawing sizes easily. If only for printing at various stages of design development.

Probably the best workflow is to set the paper size to the largest you’d want and work at that size. If you want to print on smaller paper, you can easily scale it down when printing the PDF.

I just realized that, lesson learned.

Thanks again.

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