Creating screws and bolts

Hello there, I am trying to figure out how to add allen key and star screwdriver heads to pan bolts.

I’ve created the shape but don’t know how to incorporate the allen key.screw heads on top.

Can someone please assist?


Draw the driver and make it a solid component or group, make sure the screw is a solid component, use Subtract or Trim from Eneroth Solid Tools. Use the Dave Method to avoid holes caused by very short edges.

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Hmmm, the approach you have mentioned is what I thought I had done. I’m not sure what is different.

Also, is there an easy way to draw the typical star pattern that you see in machine bolts and screws?

Do you mean a Torx pattern?

I’d draw a hexagon and then create a six-pointed star in it. For small screw detail there’s no point in going overboard modeling the rounded corners. They’ll just bloat the model and not really show anyway.

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