Creating Plan/GA drawings from model/Importing model INTO CAD - Sketchup 2020

Is there a way of generating GA/Plan view to scale (eg. 1:100) from the 3D model? I need to present drawings of the garden I designed to the builder and he does not work with model, just needs standard technical drawing, like you can generate to scale from CAD. When I’m importing into Layout, I just get the view.

I created my model by importing the the .DWG file from CAD in the first place and hoped there is a way of doing it another way around as an alternative so the scaled drawing can be generated that way.
Thank you.

And in SketchUp did you set as Top View and Parallel Projection and even saved as Scene? And then in the Layout did you set the scale of the model? And then File > Export DWG.

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Thank you. I have to work on my layout skills

Even within SU itself, you can do what @mihai.s has suggested and add dimensions if you want.

It is much better to get used to using Layout for presentation, annotation, etc, if you can.

I think I just cracked it! :slight_smile: Thank you. You need to position Camera tool in Parallel Projection setting and this gives me a perfect GA! It saves so much time.

Thank you so so much! It worked! So much tome saved.

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