Creating Parameters?

Hi Sketchup forum, I downloaded Sketchup make yesterday as I wanted to come up with concepts for my bedroom/desk setup. I modelled my entire room with dimensions and I just wanted to know is there any way of making the walls solid, so objects cannot clip through them? I really want to setup parameters and keep my design accurate.

There is no collision detection in SketchUp so you can’'t prevent objects from passing through each other. Learn to use the Move tool properly and grab groups/components by points that make sense. The cursor can snap to a face or an edge. Grab a group by a corner that meets the wall and move it until it does. It’s actually quite simple when you learn how to do it.

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Okay, that’s a shame because I’m not good at using the move tool yet. But I will play around with it today and try to get used to it. Thanks for your help!

The operative word is “yet”. You’ve been using it for less than 24 hours. I bet there are a lot of other things you need to learn, too. It’ll come.