Creating long hedges following terrain

I am looking to put hedges into my model which has terrain. These are very long high hedges that are cut roughly in a box shape.
My question which is the best way to put these in my model to follow the terrain?
My initial thoughts were to drape a line / area over the terrain, and use the follow me command to extrude the cross section of the hedge along the line. However my initial trials don’t look good.
Does anyone have advice on the best way to insert terrain following hedges in a model?

Show us what you’ve got.

If the terrain is uneven try Fredo’s Joint push/pull in Vector mode [Z Axis activated] to pull up the surface you created by draping.

I agreed with @samnorth that JointPushPull may be the fastest …but if your terrain is really uneven it may not produce the result you want. Here are some other suggestions to consider.

1. PathCop+DropGC - Lay out your hedge components in smallish segments along path using PathCopy Extension and then “drop” them down on top of your terrain using DropGC extension:

2. Skatter - Same exact result as DropGC but it’s parametric so if you want to make changes later you can without having to re-do the whole process. You can also randomize the component so it’s not so “perfect” looking (I used more organic hedge component here as rotating a cube makes for a wonky hedge):

3. Perpendicular Face Tools+FollowMe and Keep - This options is fast and produces a continuous hedge. These two extensions work better than the native Follow Me tool as it allows you to “Keep” the top of the hedge flat as you would expect it to be. With normal FollowMe it twists and turns like a snake. No Bueno:


And just for my own knowledge as well as others, here’s a side by side comparison of JointPushPull (Vector Z) and FollowMe and Keep. The FollowMeandKeep seems to produce a better top of hedge result - never tried either so good to know both for future reference!

Joint Push Pull:



Apologies for multiple replies but these methods would also work great for retaining walls that need to follow the slope!

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Amazing thank you

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Another good option is profile builder… allows profile changes on the fly without having to redraw or

re-follow me.

I need to get Profile Builder as I’m curious how many things I do now can be saved and re-used later.

It’s a very powerful tool when it comes to “follow me” type operations.

That preview makes me want to go out and get it…of course it doesn’t show the time it takes to create assemblies.

Profile Builder would be the way I would go. An awesome tool.