Creating interior walls with different wall heights

Hello! i am building a floor plan for a house using an auto cad drawing for reference. two of my rooms have different wall height (11’4) than the rest of my walls (10’1). between those two rooms is a bathroom with the walls being 10’1 and i’m not sure how to build the walls with the correct height for these specific rooms. i built my exterior walls first and now i am building my interior walls. i’m running into problems because of the different wall heights, and i’m not sure if i should keep the walls connected or have to separate them somehow.

Is this something that will actually be built?

It’s often better to make individual stretches of wall into separate components (or sometimes groups).

That makes editing much easier.

Upload your model, not just a screenshot, for better suggestions.

How will the walls be built? What country are you in? That can have a large effect on wall construction methods and materials.