Creating dimensioned & scaled landscape drawing from scanned pdf


Hi, my landscaper does not use a CAD program so she has given me a hand drawn layout on A2 which has a scale shown on it. I have inserted her electronic version of the A2 pdf into sketch up and I now want to draw a line in sketch up over the hand drawn line showing scale on the drawing, and then in Sketch up, type in how long this is. EG the landscaper has drawn a line and called it 5 metres long.
I want to draw a line over it, exactly from start to finish, and then tell sketch up that line is 5m long.
How do I do this in SU 2018 please.


Draw the line over her scale line. Then measure the line you drew with the Tape Measure tool making sure to click on each end. Type the length you want it to be and hit ENTER. Then choose to resize the model when prompted.


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