Creating delays and timed reactions

Hi guys I’m very new to sketch up, I questions prior to purchasing, when animating something such as in MS physics is there a way to delay a reaction?

Meaning if I show a piston that moves to its full extension; then there is a 5 second wait till another piston starts to move after the first one.

The most simple method to achieve the desired result would be to duplicate your scenes once or twice and then place the relevant extended piston scenes in sequence. The delay you specify in your animation will be exaggerated by viewing the same scenes back to back.

Or you could use an extension like Fredo’s Animator.

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: Regarding the MSPhysics extension specifically, no I don’t think you can force a “fake” delay. The simulation runs according to the physics engine rules and the model geometry, etc. You might be able to accomplish the effect you desire in a video editor, by simply inserting a five-second freeze-frame at the appropriate point. If you want the camera to move or other action to occur during the freeze, this approach won’t work.

@Fredo6’s Animator extension can accomplish pauses in action with no problem. However, essentially all motion behavior in Animator must be scripted by hand, as compared to MSPhysics where the motion behavior is essentially all computer-generated.

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