Creating an Opening in Multiple Groups

Hi - Looking for help please on how to create an opening (a window for example) in an exterior wall assembly with multiple groups. So for example, my model has a group for the masonry veneer, a group for the exterior sheathing and a group for the interior drywall. I would like to punch a hole for a window / door through all these groups for a window opening in one action. I guess this would be like solid tools but able to trim through multiple groups at once. Any suggestions please. Is there an extension that can assist with this?

Fredo6’s Visuhole.


Check out Mind Sight Studios, Profile Builder.

BoolTools 2 can do this:

BoolTools 2 can perform various boolean operations on nested groups and components.

Also, Profile Builder 3 can do it using the Hole Tool:

Profile Builder is a powerful set of parametric and BIM modeling tools used by thousands of SketchUp users.

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