Creating a surface with compound curvature

I am attempting to make a component to mate with the outside of a helmet. I know how to get a surface with single-axis curvature, but how do i make a surface with an asymmetric concave surface? I’ve drawn out my bounding curve, but hell if i can find something which does the same job as “extrude along rail”…

I miss Maya :frowning:

Maybe Fredo6’s curviloft extension (available on sketchucation)?

I can’t tell exactly what you are trying to draw from your screen shot but I would be inclined to use Fredo’s Bezier Spline extension to draw the curves and as @slbaumgartner said, his Curviloft to add the skinning.

If you create a dome shape with the Follow Me tool, you might be able to stretch it to fit your shape.

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