Creating a soffit issues

I am trying to create a soffit around a room but whenever I pull one out it makes the outside of the building pull inwards so from the outside it looks like this. How can I create it inside without having to pull the building in? I have tried looking for tutorials on this and can’t find one.

What you are seeing is the consequence of the default “cut an opening” behavior of pushpull. If you press ctrl (alt on mac) while doing the pushpull, it will leave the edge of the ceiling intact, but one end of the extrusion will still be open. You can easily close it by drawing any of its edges using the line tool.

You could also easily fix the situation you showed by redrawing the three edges that were lost.

Thank you I figured it out, another issue is this wall here, I have tried to draw a line from one soffit to the other and pull it out but it select the whole wall and not what I’m trying to pull out. In fact, it wont even pull or push at all if I try.

The fact that select gets the entire wall says that for some reason the line you drew did not cut that wall into two faces. There are lots of potential causes, ranging from the wall being in a group or component to carelessness in drawing the line, and more. It isn’t possible to tell which applies from your picture. Can you upload the skp file so people here can say for sure?

Here it is, Coke Room

The wall of your room is slightly out of square (attached images). As a result, the push-pulled extrusion of the sidewall soffit does not meet it evenly. The point at that end of the edge you drew goes to the corner of the extrusion, which isn’t on the face. So that edge can’t cut the face. These kinds of small misalignments usually result from not using inferences carefully and/or not typing exact values to place endpoints precisely. Once committed, they can be quite ugly to repair. In your case, you need to realign that wall until it is square.

As another note, you are not using layers properly. SketchUp layers do not isolate geometry, they only switch visibility on and off. Since geometry can interact regardless of whether it is visible or not, this is a fast route to madness! All primitive geometry (edges and faces) should be drawn on layer0 and kept there. Create Groups or Components to isolate units of geometry from each other, and assign layers to those Groups or Components to selectively control visibility