Creating a nut via WEB version possible?

Hello. Here a New user… I wanna try to make a nut via the WEB version. Is that possible? Or can I only do that in the pro version?
I can’t find the possibility to create the sloping surface. See picture.

For that part, you can use a cone (follow me) and intersect the nut with it.

Thanks for the quick reaction. This is my start:

I’ve tried to use the ‘Follow me’ tool, but it’s impossible for me to make the sloping surface.

Or is it necessary to remove the surface first? And than make the sloping surface by using the ‘Follow me’ tool?

Here’s an image of the cone solution,

or you can stitch the missing lines in your image manually (and soften them afterwards) …


Hello Cotty. The ‘cone solution’ is great, but I can’t find this feature in de WEB version. Am I right?

The second option works, but takes much more time create.

No. You aren’t. You can draw a cone in a number of ways. A triangle as a profile and a circle as the path, then use Follow Me.

What’s the rush? It doesn’t take that much time, really. You could stitch the faces in one area and then use Rotate/Copy to copy the stitched surface to the other places.

Thanks. I’m going to try this!