Creating a number of components from a spreadsheet


I’d like to create a simple library of components in bulk/automated - from a spreadsheet. The components themselves will be very simple - just 2d circles of different sizes and colours.

The use will be for creating planting plans (the circles are the plants) which will only be viewed in top down or plan mode.

Is there a plugin or extension that would help me do this? Otherwise I’m looking at hours of repetitive component creation. Once created, the components would be held in a library, so it’s a one-and-done thing.


I have a simple plugin that should do the job. However, it only works in decimal inch units and the input has to be in a text file in the form of comma-separated data:


The first two numbers are the x,y coordinates, the third is the diameter, and the last three are the RGB values for the color. Circles are created with 24 segments on the XY plane and painted.


jimhami42_import_plants.rb (1.3 KB)


Thanks - I’ll take a look