Creating a Knight for topiary!

ok - I have a client who has some mediums sized yew trees and we’re planning on topiarising them into chess pieces. One has started leaning quite badly and it will take years to retrain so it could lend itself quite well to being the knight.

My Sketchup skills are average at best so I’m now wondering if my commitment to doing some visuals for the gardener was a step too far. I’ve attached what I’ve drawn so far.

Any pointers on how I can create a slight bulge laterally where the eyes should be whilst keeping the end result something that a gardener can then replicate would be welcomed!

Hi Pen. It’s been a long time.

I would expect you could find suitable chess pieces in the 3D Warehouse and scale them up as needed. Depending on the detail required and if you need colors or materials, you might simply paint them green or you could apply a foliage texture. Or maybe the gardener doesn’t really even care as long as they know it’s supposed to be a yew tree.

Hi Dave!

Yes I have tried to find something there already but the problem is that the current yew tree is so deformed that the head of the horse really needs to allow for the fact that the top of the tree is already bent over by 70 degrees whereas most of the traditional chess pieces have the knight figure as more upright. I did attach my file but now can’t see it, can you see it your end?

Hi. I see. So you need a knight that looks like he’s about to fall off his horse after a hard fought battle?

I suspect an extension like Vertex Tools would allow you to deform the knight to get closer to the existing tree.

Your file was likely too large so it didn’t upload. Drop Box and a link should work. Send it in a PM if you don’t want it to be public.

Hi Dave - decided it was quicker to hand draw this one! Thanks for your help all the same.

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