Creating a free-standing pattern for interior design

Creating a free-standing pattern, fx a flower consisting of 5 individual leaves, I start with a 10 cm deep rectangle, drawing Bezier curves onto that. Now each petal is a closed shape. I group each petal and all 5 petals together in one group with the purpose of deleting the shape between the petals or push pulling the negative shape into the void. Consequently, the petals will remain as one shape I can use in various ways. The problem is that in the drawing I cannot chose the group of petals as one group and operate that group. Neither can I operate the group of the negative shape, as I cannot select it individually: The drawing is not reacting as I suppose it to: Simply when I click 3 times on a group; the dotted surface does not show. Are there any suggestions on how to deal with the two groups? or on how to see the surface with the dots on the chosen group? or how to fulfill the purpose all together ?

Your explanation is difficult to follow, but it’s clear that your understanding of group behavior is inaccurate. Rather than trying to pick up your process at the point at which it failed, it might be easier if you just set that attempt aside as an experiment that didn’t work and told us exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. That way we can approach the problem in a way that won’t get us painted into a corner. A picture of what you are trying to accomplish (or something similar) would help tremendously.


Thank you Gully, it is helpful just to get the problem defined right. I worked with it, and I succeeded for now.

Maybe you can help me out on the next problem:
I drafted up a structure - just loosely, I will try to upload it here for you to see. Just for working purposes I kept some of the surfaces transparent.
Now, the major part of the work will be done INSIDE the structure. I am able to move to the inside of the structure by scrolling in pressing ALT. However, for working inside I don’t have enough space: Sometimes I need to move farther apart, let’s say from the wall, in order to get the overview, and sometimes I need to go close to see the profile of the wall: How do I maneuver inside the structure?