Creating a DXF using Web

I’m starting to use Sketchup on the web which is claimed to be free. When I try to create a DXF file I am told I have to upgrade to a paid version. This is very expensive as I only experimenting and wanting to create one very simple file. (The discount code I am offered is not accepted.)


It is free.
However, like a many applications there are things that require a paid upgrade, export to dxf is one of them.

Maybe, you can download BricsCAD Shape that is free. The app open SKP files and save as DWG natively and DXF. Another application, formZ free open SKP files and save as DXF.

Pretty sure Form Z free does not export to dxf.


You are correct. However, FormZ Pro does and that is available for a month’s trial which means I was able to create the one DXF file I need.

If I need more in the future I will invest in it.


BricsCAD Shape is free, open SKP, and save as several DXF/DWG formats, I verify.
formZ free do not export as DXF but DAE and STL.
You can get Blender free, that import DAE, STL and save as DXF.

Always pCon Planner. It’s a great tool but that it does file conversation for free is killer :wink:

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