Creating a component

I am creating my model with SUGeometryInputAddFace, then SUEntitiesFill. I am using SUGeometryInput because I am using SUMaterialInput to map my texture to each face. My question is how do I change this model to a component. I am thinking I need to use SUComponentDefinitionRefCreate, but I’m not sure I how make my model a component.

EDIT: So after testing my program. When I click entity info on my model, it says it is a component. I’m confused.

This is how I attempted to create it, but the model does not perform this behavior:

SUComponentDefinitionRef comp_def = SU_INVALID;

SUComponentBehavior behavior;
behavior.component_always_face_camera = true;

SUComponentDefinitionSetBehavior(comp_def, &behavior);

SUModelAddComponentDefinitions(model, 1, &comp_def);