Creating a bend in two directions

I’m trying to make a lever for a sewing machine. I have a flat drawing that should work, but the original has some curves I’d like to replicate if possible. The following link hopefully shows the two curves.

I don’t think there’s anything critical in the dimensions of the curves but maybe they add a bit of strength.

I’m using Sketchup Make 2017 and I suspect I might have to use some extensions. If it’s too difficult I can live with the flat lever,

Here’s my skp file.

Knee control lever.skp (45.7 KB)

It may be so. I used Shape Bender plugin.
Knee control lever_ecati.skp (109.4 KB)

Here’s one done with a bit of true bend and some radial bend. If I was going to do it I would create the flat without the hole, bend it then add the hole.

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Thanks, I appreciate that.