Creating 3D Layouts

Hi to all!

I am currently using Sketch Up Pro to build a 3D layout of a supermarket. I have inserted many 3D objetcs in the layout and looks really nice. I am now facing a huge problem…as I insert more 3D images the program has been really slow…to the point that I have to wait more that one minute for every command I execute.

My question to anyone that can help me is:
Is there a way to compress or reduce the size of the 3D images I have inserted in my layout? My guess is that the program is slower number of images I have inserted…

I would appreciate any recommendations on what I should do?

The delay is typically related to your graphics card processing all of the geometry and textures in the model. Make sure your graphics card is up to the task.

I assume by “3D images” you really mean components. You can and should open components in a separate file to check them and possibly clean them up before inserting them into your main model. In many cases you can eliminate unneeded geometry and other detail to reduce their size. This is standard advice for working with components and models from the 3D Warehouse.

You can speed up your model while you are working on it by setting the Face Style to Monochrome or Hidden Line so that your graphics card doesn’t need to process textures. Avoid adding textures to your model until late in the process.

Select one of the fast styles which are indicated with a little green icon in the corner of the thumbnails.

Also, purge unused stuff from your model. Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click Purge Unused.

Don’t model with Shadows on. Leave textures and shadows for output display.

Als make sure you are modeling in Prespective mode.

Thanks for the advice Dave!! I appreciate it.

You are right. 3D images i refer to components.

I did not find the fast styles little green icon. Can you expand on this.

Many thanks!!

It’s a little green clock icon.


I should add, don’t use sketchy styles or other “fancy” styles while modeling.

Many thanks!!

Also, be sure to put all of your “heavy” 3D components onto their own layer. I often create a specific layer for “entourage”. Or create more than one layer so you can work with parts of your model one at a time. For example, you may have exterior and interior furnishings – Put them on separate layers. Then keep those “heavy” layers turned off when working on your model.

Also consider saving a scene with the entourage layers turned off and call it “Working”…Then have another scene called “rendering” or “final” or something like that with all your component / entourage layers on so you can easily toggle back and forth when needed.