Created a mesh, broken the model

Hey guys,

I tried creating a mesh on Sketchup Pro 2022, it worked initially but now has slowed the program right down to the point this file is unusable, I can’t select anything to delete it otherwise it stops responding. Checked and it’s using nearly a GB of ram just for this one file. I’m just on the work laptop so fairly limited in terms of equipment, which I’m certain is the problem.

Currently running:

Processor - Intel(R) Core™ i5-10310U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.21 GHz
Edition - Windows 10 Pro (Version 21H2)
Graphics Card - None, just prebuilt Intel graphics

If I could ask a favour of someone to just clear the mesh that’d be great, as I imagine all that’s needed is just a better PC. If I’m completely wrong about that any help would be appreciated

Worth noting aswell that there’s no .skb file that I can find

Broken File.skp (1.7 MB)

Some tips:
Turn off View>>Edge Style>> Profiles (<This could be the most effective way to improve performance)
Turn off: View>> Guides
Turn off: View>> Hidden geometry (Not shown in animation)
Collapse/Close the Outliner Tray if it is not really need. (Not shown in animation)

performance tips

Thanks for the tips, the problem is though I can’t select/do anything in the file because it’s not responding as soon as it opens, even when trying to open File, Edit, View… etc. Whole thing freezes essentially

I eventually have managed to just delete that group and it’s free’d up the model now, wasn’t that important anyway

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